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Fuel injection specialists Downriver

Unless you own a classic car (30 years or older), chances are you don’t have a carburetor, but rather a fuel injection system.  Whether you have a traditional gasoline engine, or one that takes diesel fuel, both need fully operating fuel injection systems. And if you live in cities such as Trenton, Wyandotte, Taylor and Allen Park, Michigan, you need to see the fuel injection specialists Downriver, otherwise known as Good Care Auto Repair. Our ASE certified auto repair technicians are very familiar with all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair services, including brakes, shocks, springs, heating and cooling, electrical tires, radio, tune ups, car winterization, struts and much more. We service every kind of vehicle you can think of, from foreign compact cars and mid-sized hybrids to pick-up trucks and vans and SUVs made in the U.S.A. Our friendly, highly trained professionals are the experts in gaskets, system flushing, power steering, batteries, starters, transmission problems, mufflers, body work, alignments, oil changes and more. If you own an electric “Smart” car, have no fear, our experts are here. Maybe a friend referred you to an unlicensed mechanic, and you ended up with a big bill but a bad car repair. Your vehicle is your method of transportation when working, traveling or just hanging out around your neighborhood, so you need it in tip-top shape. We can run an inspection on your car or truck in just minutes, presenting you with a detailed report of any red flag or problem areas. Our entire team is totally insured, licensed and certified to perform all foreign and domestic auto and truck repairs – guaranteed!

We’re conveniently located in your Downriver backyard, in the heart of Southgate, MI  Good Care Auto Repair has always been a family operation, treating its customers like family, knowing most on a first-name basis. The name says it all, because we really do take good care of your vehicles. We receive positive feedback every day from our customers, telling us they appreciate our fair estimates and high quality workmanship. We are grateful to be able to do what we love, fix, repair, inspect and maintain your cars and trucks. If you suspect your car is running rough, it may be due to a poor fuel injection system. Don’t delay in stopping by or calling us at 734-285-1188 so we can figure out what the problem is and how we can repair it. Don’t let finances scare you away – our owners are very fair, offering affordable financing choices and credit plans. A high-performing fuel injection system supplies fuel to your engine properly, and is good for the environment, and critical to your auto or truck running smoothly. You or your passengers can be injured if your fuel injection system contains too much high pressure. We pledge to check all areas of your vehicle out, from top to bottom, so you can drive away safe and sound.  Don’t run the risk of waiting too long if you think you’re got a car issue.

We don’t want you stranded on the road, especially in harsh wintery conditions. We’re close by and offer Emergency Towing Services, 24/7, round the clock. We can pick you up and tow your car to our repair shop, where our talented auto repair specialists will get to work on your problem. No other auto repair shop in Downriver MI compares to us. All of our labor and materials are fully guaranteed, and our business is totally insured and licensed to perform all kinds of truck and auto repairs and diagnostic tests. We even offer car rentals if you’re going to be without a car for a few days, at the low cost of $19.99 per day. Many insurance companies will reimburse you for that and other repairs if you’re in an auto accident – our knowledgeable office personnel research your insurance benefits so you can receive the maximum reimbursement if you qualify. Bottom line – if you need a fuel injection specialist in the Downriver, Michigan community, Good Care Auto Repair is your #1 choice. Don’t just take our word for it; check out our awesome customer reviews on our website at http://www.goodcareauto.com.  Once there, you can contact us or request an appointment or estimate with just the click of a button. Call us today for a free auto inspection and estimate, and stop by and say hi on our Facebook and Twitter pages.



















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